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PureVisionXP provides a quick and easy way to create and manage forms
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PureVisionXP provides software developers with a quick and easy tool to create and manage forms. They will be able to design commercial applications including various kinds of forms, informative windows, and charts that you usually find in those programs. You can even translate an application if you have access to an online translator or PureTrans language manager.

Basically, this application will let you design boxes required for holding information, along with text, charts, pictures, and everything you need for the program to run (you can configure it to include the images in the generated EXE or AVI files, or not). The program includes a tool called PureSkin Maker, which can build a skin for your program from a BMP file. Also included is PurePoint maker, which will let you draw on a matrix to generate boxes and symbols that you can later use in your programs. Using PureVision, you will not only able to manage entire projects, but also export individual forms from large projects and merge them with other projects. By reusing exisiting forms, you will save time and money.

The demo version does not include translation packs.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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